Analysis of the main reasons for the three kinds of wear and tear of automobile tires

The main reasons for the three types of auto tires are too fast. Many car owners often ask why their tires are always worn faster than others. Why are the same brands and models, and others do not need to change tires for two or three years? I only opened it for a year, and the store is asking for a tire change.

1. The tire pressure is not normal for a long time.

The tire pressure is the life of the tire. The air pressure is too low, the carcass deformation is increased, the sidewall is prone to cracks, and excessive heat generation is caused, which causes the rubber to age, the ply fatigue, and the cord to break. If the air pressure is too low, the tire grounding area will increase to accelerate the shoulder wear. If the air pressure is too high, the tire cord will be excessively stretched and deformed, and the carcass elasticity will decrease, which will increase the load on the car during driving. The impact will cause internal cracking and blasting, while the high air pressure will accelerate the crown wear and reduce the rolling resistance.

2. The front wheel is not positioned correctly.

The front wheel positioning has a great influence on the service life of the tire, and the front wheel toe and the front wheel camber are the main factors. The front wheel camber mainly accelerates the wear of the shoulder, that is, the eccentric wear; the front wheel toe is mainly to accelerate the wear of the inner and outer sides of the tire.

3. Bad driving habits.

In addition to handling the situation, the driver should choose the road surface, avoid sharp stones, glass, metal, etc., which may smash and scratch the tires, avoid the adhesion of chemical spills to the tires, and avoid corrosion of the tires; When paving a road with a large degree of arching, it is necessary to travel as much as possible to avoid the deviation of the center of gravity of the car, reduce the load on one side of the tire and increase the uneven wear of the tire; reasonable loading is the basic common sense. Under normal circumstances, overload is 20%. Tire life is reduced by 30%, overloaded 40% of tire life is reduced by 50%; in addition, rapid turn, emergency braking, high-speed start and rapid acceleration will have an impact on tire damage, which drivers should avoid in driving.
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