Cooling vest, you know?

Cooling vests, also known as ice vests and air conditioning vests, provide comfortable cooling and protection for people working in hot, hot environments. The cooling vest can effectively resist heat radiation and is a personal protection product that protects against high temperature injuries. It is also the most effective, economical and easiest way to reduce body temperature.
Cooling vests (ice vests) are widely used in steel, smelting, casting, welding, mines, electronics, shipbuilding, police and firefighting, etc. At the same time, cooling vests are used in high temperature environments, such as steel mills with high temperature insulation clothing more secure reliable.

The cooling vest consists of a fabric with a cooling function and an energy storage bag (cooling material). The most important one is the cooling agent in the energy storage bag. At present, after research and development, the cold storage agent filled in the cold storage bag is roughly divided into five categories, hydrogel, hard gel, smooth gel, high-efficiency hard gel, polymer gel and high-efficiency PCM material. The application of hard gels, high-efficiency hard gels, and refrigerator-free cryogels is more mature and the market is more extensive.
Various coolants have high dissolved calorific value and latent heat value. The latent heat value of the hardgel coolant is λ≥240KJ/KG; the latent heat value of the hydrogel coolant is λ≥320KJ/KG. The cooling vest maintains a low temperature for a long time, has a good cooling effect, and is non-toxic, environmentally friendly and non-irritating to the skin.
Cooling vest works:

The energy storage bag in the vest is stored in the refrigerator or ice water for a period of time before it is used. After people wear it on the body, the temperature of the storage bag is much lower than the human body and the ambient temperature and provides the user with low temperature. Energy, thereby reducing the body's own temperature.

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