Elevator use precautions

1. It is forbidden to use the hand to move the landing door when riding the elevator.

Once the door is opened, not only will the car stop and stop, causing passengers to be trapped in the car, affecting the normal operation of the elevator, and more likely to cause the passengers of the eaves to fall into the hoistway or shear damage.

During the operation of the car, passengers are prohibited from handcuffing the car door. Once the door is opened, the car will stop in an emergency, causing the passenger to be trapped in the car, affecting the normal operation of the elevator.

Therefore, regardless of whether the elevator is running or not, squatting, smashing, supporting, relying on the floor/car door are dangerous behaviors.

Second, why should not let children take the ladder alone

Brief description: Children should not take the elevator alone.

Correct operation: Children should be supervised by parents.

Children's self-care ability is weak, they don't understand the safety common sense of taking the elevator, they are lively and active, they are easy to cause misoperation, and their self-protection ability is not strong. It is easy to be dangerous when they are in the car alone or in an emergency.

Third, why should not jump in the elevator car

Jumping in the car and shaking it from side to side will cause the elevator's safety device to malfunction and cause the passenger to be trapped in the car, affecting the normal operation of the elevator and possibly damaging the elevator components.

Fourth, how to do elevator overload

Brief description: When the elevator is overloaded, it is not allowed to ride. Please ask the passengers who are coming in to exit, and the passengers outside the car should not enter again.

When the elevator car carries more than the rated load, the elevator will overload the alarm and the elevator can not close the door and start. At this time, the passenger entering should actively exit the car. A ladder can occur when a serious overload occurs, causing equipment damage or personal injury.

The author explains the above four kinds for you. If you have not finished, the next issue will continue to explain to you why it is not appropriate to take the elevator and what to pay attention to.

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