Fingerprint locks lead the fashion life choice brand needs careful consideration

First, the fingerprint development has great potential for future development

It is understood that fingerprint lock is a kind of intelligent lock with human fingerprint as the identification carrier and means. It is the perfect crystallization of computer information technology, electronic technology, mechanical technology and modern hardware technology. The fingerprint lock is generally composed of two parts: electronic identification and control, and mechanical linkage system. The uniqueness and non-replicability of fingerprints determine that fingerprint locks are the safest locks in all current locks.

As a derivative of access control identification, fingerprint lock relies on the development of biometric technology, and foreign countries have gradually emerged into more families. For our domestic market, the popularity of fingerprint locks is far less than its reputation. However, for the security market, fingerprint locks still have an explosive market potential. Let us analyze the market prospects of fingerprint locks.

There are many manufacturers of fingerprint locks in China, but they lack products of well-known brands. Because the fingerprint lock belongs to high-tech products, the main working principle includes automatic fingerprint recognition technology, fingerprint recognition algorithm and fingerprint collection technology. This also provides an effort for the independent research and development of our state-owned brands.

Second, the national demand for information technology and intelligence of the security system continues to increase. The access control system has experienced the metal key to today's access control IC card, and now the fingerprint lock, it reflects the technological progress and intelligent information requirements. The biggest feature of fingerprint lock security is the uniqueness of the biometric feature of fingerprints to ensure maximum security.

Third, the special population of the elderly population has a demand for fingerprint locks. I believe that everyone has experienced that the old people around the building will go downstairs and throw garbage to forget to bring the door card or the key; the security door of the security door will blow the security door back, and these scenes are familiar. The appearance of fingerprint locks will prevent these phenomena from happening, and the elderly will no longer have to worry about forgetting to bring a card or key.

Although the fingerprint lock is still new, from the above three market outlook analysis, the future can be said to be full of opportunities.

Second, fingerprint lock purchase attention

1. Understand the strength of the company

Before choosing a fingerprint lock, customers must understand the history of this company entering the fingerprint lock industry. Some companies have only been in business for a few years, and the quality of their products is unstable. The long-established enterprises have accumulated rich experience in the industry. Whether it is the application of fingerprint recognition technology or the traditional lock-making process, the quality of the products can be guaranteed. Some enterprises or brands do not produce themselves, receive orders, or outsource, or part of the production assembly.

Fingerprint locks are precision products. A finished product is manufactured through 101 strict and exquisite standard processes. Product outsourcing or partial production naturally cannot control the product manufacturing process. In particular, there are many merchant fingerprint locks that are manufactured from similar screwdriver factory or spare parts procurement, and the quality of the products cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, reliable fingerprint locks are completed and controlled throughout the factory.

In addition, the history of the company's entry should also be focused on. Companies that have been in the industry for more than 10 years often experience sufficient market testing and accumulated rich industry experience, whether it is the application of fingerprint lock recognition technology or the traditional lock process. , are more able to ensure the stability of product quality. If a company fails to achieve a minimum production improvement cycle (5 years), then consumers should pay attention to avoiding. Looking at a company's product line is often an effective way to judge its industry history. If a company only sells several fingerprint locks in the market, it is still in the initial stage of the industry, and its product quality guarantee is certainly not convincing. At all.

2. Understand product technical capabilities

Fingerprint locks are high-tech products, and only fingerprint locks with core technology can stand in an invincible position in the fierce market competition. Excellent fingerprint lock products often have independent intellectual property rights and a number of patents on key technologies such as fingerprint recognition algorithms and lock structure. Those companies that simply imitate others or purely purchase and assemble will not only have considerable risks in the overall control of products. And in the business operations, they are also facing the legal risks of intellectual property at any time, and it is difficult to make great progress, let alone how to protect the safety of consumers.

From the perspective of quality technology, a truly stable fingerprint lock is fundamentally prohibited to install the drive motor in the heart of the door lock - the mortise lock body (the normal use of the motor is built in various ideal environments and conditions, The core lock body will be subjected to great vibration during each door closing process, especially the cheap motor made in China, the quality stability is more difficult to guarantee.) Moreover, the friction of the traditional motor drive structure causes the fingerprint lock to be easily broken. , seriously affect the service life of the door lock.

In addition, whether the fingerprint lock mortise lock body is eliminated from the second generation mortise lock body (the upper lock body: the large tongue is popped out by the handle on the outside of the room), because the vulnerable groups (such as the elderly and children) will open and close the door. Forgetting to lock, leaving behind the hidden danger of burglary.

3, understand the after-sales service

Effective after-sales service is an important standard to measure the brand of a fingerprint lock. The fingerprint lock is a durable product. The installation on the door means that the service has just begun. The strong fingerprint lock manufacturer will provide free warranty service and extend the warranty period of the product. And promise that within a certain period of time, the free warranty includes the mechanical part and the electronic part of the fingerprint lock.

When buying a fingerprint lock, be sure to understand whether there is a nationwide after-sales service outlet for the fingerprint lock brand. Is it convenient for users to open a national unified free after-sales service hotline, and promise to provide solutions for 24 hours.

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