Want to upgrade to a smart door lock at home? Don't worry, first figure out 3 questions.

â–  It is convenient to unlock the door with a mobile phone, but there are also security risks. Fingerprint unlocking is generally divided into optical recognition and semiconductor recognition.
â–  Smart door locks have entered more and more families.

â–  It is convenient to unlock the door with a mobile phone, but there are also security risks.

Whether it is because of the respect for the value of the home, or the improvement of the security of living, smart doors have attracted more and more people's attention, and are entering more and more families. From the current market situation, only a few new homes will be equipped with smart doors for the owners, or in the renovation of new homes, new owners can also directly purchase and install smart security doors. However, the most demanding and lowest operating cost is the old security door modified smart door lock, replacing the old mechanical lock. If you are also eager to try, don't worry, figure out these three issues, don't blindly follow the trend, impulsive consumption.

â– New Express reporter Lin Chaojing

Q1 Is your door suitable for smart locks?

To see the situation of the old door lock

The installation of the intelligent door lock is destructive to the original door body. After the original mechanical lock on the door is removed, the door is cut according to the existing lock body, thereby realizing the installation and fixing of the intelligent door lock. Therefore, the installation of the smart door lock has certain requirements on the thickness and material of the door body itself. In general, a common smart door with a thickness of 40mm to 90mm can be installed normally. If the security door is purchased earlier and the door thickness is less than the normal value of some thin wooden doors, wrought iron doors, glass doors, etc., if the smart lock is forcibly installed, it will easily cause the door to be broken. It is necessary to explain to the merchant and the installation master in advance when purchasing. Consult, otherwise you may buy it and find that it cannot be installed at all. In addition, some of the door bodies with higher cost, such as imported sub-mother door products, need to be removed from the door when installing and remodeling, and cannot be restored. Therefore, it is necessary to be careful to install smart locks.

In addition, the type of old mechanical lock may also limit the installation of smart door locks. For example, the side lock represented by the bull head lock and the exterior door lock are installed on the outside of the door body, the smart lock lock body cannot be placed, and the smart lock handle cannot be fixed, so the smart lock cannot be replaced; the narrow door seam is triggered. The self-elastic lock body that locks the door, such as the lock tongue, may cause the door to be closed after the smart lock is installed. In addition, the lock body is special, and the door structure is also complicated, so it is not suitable for modifying the smart lock. Also pay attention to determine whether the old lock in the home has a heaven and earth lock. You can touch the top edge of the door to see if there is a lock hole, and if there is a lock on the door when the door lock is opened (locked door state). However, although some merchants promise to provide the heaven and earth lock function, there is only one type of lock body. If the original lock body in the home is larger than the smart lock body, the heaven and earth hook cannot be installed.

In addition, I have to be reminded that some merchants promise to install some smart locks in order to facilitate the transaction, but in fact, during the installation process, the original door lock security structure will be damaged. It is difficult to see in appearance, but it leaves a security risk.

Q2 How many unlocking methods are better?

Too many patterns may leave a safety hazard

At present, smart lock products on the market often have unlocking methods such as password unlocking, fingerprint unlocking, and even remote control and unlocking. Even some merchants claim that cards such as access cards and bus cards can be used to open the door. But for the security door used to protect the safety of family and family property, is the unlocking method really as good as possible? Take the smart lock that can unlock the door through cards such as access cards and bus cards, industry insiders said. It sounds convenient, but the safety factor is questionable. Because whenever a card is used to open a door, there is a risk that the card information will be copied. A small replicator is enough to read the magnetic card information, even if the encrypted IC card can be cracked and copied, but it may take a little longer.

There are also smart door locks that support remote unlocking. Although it does bring a lot of convenience, the risks are obvious. The general remote unlocking is done by mobile phone, so once the mobile phone is lost, the safety of the home can be hung up, and the key is lost. At the same time, remote unlocking may also result in misuse by children and the elderly, and it also poses a safety risk. Therefore, if you choose smart door locks, you can use them according to the actual situation and needs of family members. Don't be greedy, greedy, and take risks with family security issues.

In addition, fingerprints are unlocked. Some merchants can use the door lock to store 100 kinds of fingerprints, while others only have dozens of publicity. But don't easily believe that there are really different advantages and disadvantages between the two. Just like some mobile phones that support fingerprint unlocking, you may need to press multiple times to complete the fingerprints. These are the door lock products that claim to store 100 kinds of fingerprints. It may be calculated by the number of presses in the fingerprint entry process, and dozens of possibilities may be calculated by the final number of fingerprints entered.

Q3 How to judge a smart door lock is not reliable?

Ask a few questions to test

After all, smart door locks are still new to most people. It is very important to avoid being "fudged" by the merchants when purchasing. Sometimes, a few simple questions can be used to test the probabilities of a product. If it is a fingerprint lock, you can ask the merchant whether its fingerprint chip is optical or biological (semiconductor) identification. Through the other party's answer, we can basically judge the position of the sold door lock in the industry. Because semiconductor fingerprinting has become a major trend in the market, it has a small footprint, supports live recognition, and has a higher recognition rate, which is favored by many smart device companies. The application of optical recognition is earlier and the cost is lower. However, due to the large occupied space, easy to be deceived by fake fingerprints and the recognition result is easily affected by the cleanness of the finger surface, it is not widely used in smart devices, and currently exists in Attendance machines and access control for office use. Even if you don't believe in the business, you can judge it with your naked eyes. Generally, the optical fingerprint recognition area will see light of various colors, and the semiconductor fingerprint recognition area looks smaller in the naked eye, similar to the fingerprint recognition area on the iPhone.

On the other hand, you can also understand the security aspects of the door lock, such as where the smart lock's door open password information is stored. If you hear something like "cloud storage," you might want to pay attention. Don't think that it sounds technically high and very big, but in fact, the important data for opening the password should not be stored in the cloud. Only when it is stored in the door lock, the security and privacy of the home can be maximized. Protection. Another small detail is that many people think that smart door locks are equal to saying goodbye to the key, but it is not. In the mandatory regulations of the Ministry of Public Security, any door locks, including fingerprint locks, password locks and other smart door locks must have a mechanical key. If there is no key, it means that the product of the merchant does not comply with the relevant regulations, and the safety is naturally more difficult to protect.

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